Cytosine Methylation Analysis Tool for Everyone


CyMATE is a software platform to perform in silico analyses of DNA methylation at cytosine sites. It is suitable for analyses of sequence data obtained with bisulfite genomic sequencing and hairpin-bisulfite sequencing, i.e. single-strand and double-strand DNA data. A module for mutation analysis at non-methylation sites is also available.

It has been designed as a universal tool for quick, comprehensive and automated analysis of bisulfite sequencing data, providing detailed qualitative and quantitative results. Analysis with CyMATE is simple, very fast, platform-independent and the most detailed of computational analysis methods.

For more details, please check our FAQ in the "Get Help" section.

Getting started

New and prospective users are invited to check the "Get Help" section or try the example files. To get started with the analysis, follow the link to the "Start Analysis" section.

People behind CyMATE

CyMATE is a joint initiative of work groups at the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI) of Molecular Plant Biology and the Vienna University of Technology.